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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just 3 days later....

Been only 3 days since I sowed those 4+ flats of flower seeds - on heat, under cover, in the dark.

Good thing I checked today.  Look at all those sprouts!!!  Time to turn on the lights.  And boy howdy they needed it.

Remember I sowed those nearly microscopic 'mystery flower' seeds?  I was worried all I was planting was maybe some bug or spider droppings, they were so tiny.  But noooo!

They germinated so fast - and furious.  Look how they were leaning toward the only other light in the room.  These out to be fun.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Heating up

Sowed my annual seeds as well as some saved/purchased perennials today.

I used 2 whole trays for the 5 packs of Zahara zinnias (only 74 seeds total - they better have a 100% germination rate at those prices!!).

Another whole tray for French dwarf marigolds.  (You gotta love a plant that the deer don't like!)

20 tall cells for some saved seeds of State Fair (super tall/huge blooms) zinnias for back by the golf course.  Also half a tray for Cut-n-come again zins for Mom.  

Then I sowed some saved seeds: Ruby Star coneflower (P) and a little annual I got last year which I loved, but don't know the name - looks like a speckled cross between a large snap dragon and small petunia. Really sweet in the planter boxes.

Then I turned on the rope light in the heat tray and covered them with some plastic. 

Sure seems a paltry bit of sowing.  But as the deer take more and more wind out of my gardening sails, I have reduced my expectations accordingly.

I don't know why I don't just throw in the trowel.  Habit I guess.  

How about you?  Starting those plants yet?

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Early Mar - 2015

The GUL plants in the basement are holding their own under my benign neglect.

Pic 1: Yellow onions sown in Dec on the left; combo of red & white onions sown in Jan on the right.

Pic 2: Clipping from geranium in Dec is putting out its 2nd bud while the 3 surviving B&B salvia cuttings are looking darn good.

Pic 3: 3 of the 4 saved salvia plants brought in and stored in the cool dim crawlspace have survived with only an occasional water. They got really leggy. Today I hauled them out and cut them down to regrow for spring.   I saved all the nice tips for rooting.

Pic 4: Salvias trimmed, watered, a touch of fish emulsion and under light. 

Pic 5: The 4th of the saved salvias and the 3 original saved geraniums are doing well in the front bay window, especially since I taped up more plastic to help keep out the bitter cold of this winter.

I will put the salvia cuttings into potting mix this time - no messing around with sand (that was a total failure).

I scored last week at Lowes and brought home 5 packs of Zahara zinnia seeds.  They turned out to be the PERFECT zinnia for along the turnaround beds. Sure, they're a little spendy (2.49/14 seeds), but they usually all germinate and the plants are outstanding!

It's still deep in snow outside, but a mild week is forecasted.  I suppose I should be thinking about starting peppers and some perennials next.  I'm really low on lavendars - so many died from LAST winter so I can only surmise I'll have even fewer out there in Spring.  Time to replenish those beauties.

Last year I kept the B&B salvias in pots on the deck but this year I'm going to plant them out in the gardens.  They have a heavy resinous fragrance and plants like that usually get a pass from the deer.  Fingers crossed.

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